Should’ve Been a Princess

Daddy’s Little Girl, the youngest of three,
Not far removed from bouncing on his knee.
Big brown eyes and a heartmelting smile,
Everything was picture-perfect, at least for a while.

Daddy’s girl grew up, a little too fast.
She married young, and she knew it would last.
Messy faces and laughter soon filled her world,
Excited to watch as her future unfurled.

She should’ve been a princess, with an oversized crown.
She should’ve had the world, but it came crashing down.
She should’ve been happy, but it all changed one day.
She should’ve been a princess, but her prince went away.

Daddy’s Little Girl is a grown woman now,
Bills and a mortgage, she’s going to make it somehow.
Wondering little eyes look deep into her own,
Asking “Where is Daddy, when is he coming home?”

She should’ve been a princess, with a tiara of gold,
But what good is a crown, without her prince to hold?
They should be smiling, growing old together,
Instead, she wonders if this pain will last forever.

Daddy’s Little Girl, watching her little men grow,
Handsome little princes, like the father they barely know.
They don’t ask many questions, anymore, about their Dad,
Now they only want to know why Mama’s always sad.

She should’ve been a princess, with her prince by her side.
She should’ve had the world in her hands, but it was all denied.
Now her crown lies shattered; hard as it is, life must go on
She has mouths to feed, knees to mend, and stories of her prince to pass on.

She should’ve been a princess, she should’ve had more time,
But Daddy’s Little Girl’s has left her crown behind.
There are two little princes who need Mommy strong.
She should’ve been a princess, but she has been a warrior all along.


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