I’ve wasted so much time. There’s so much yet to be done. Caught in a miasma of routine that gets me nowhere.

Working overtime, wishing I wasn’t, glad I have the opportunity, wishing I didn’t, but grateful that I do.

Love is fighting every day to keep someone who has no intention of leaving.

I’m more than a little difficult, but I hope I’m worthwhile.

Going to start moving the bulk of my social media activity over here. I’m not leaving Facebook, just trying to cut down on the amount of time I spend there.

The Exhaustion of Empathy

Yeah, I know. I’m the asshole. I revel in it. It used to be that I could verbally tear into anyone without remorse on little or no notice. I still can, and occasionally enjoy doing so, but those times are few and far between…

On the other hand, empathy can be exhausting.

Back in Business

Welcome back to arokk.net. After a failure of the script I was using that I couldn’t seem to figure out, I did a complete reinstall…but forgot to do a backup, so…d’oh… But, here it is, reinstalled and rebranded as Arokkian Nightmare, a name that I have tinkered around with on Facebook, WordPress.com, and other places […]

Change in the House of Flies

Those who know me personally know that I work 2 full-time jobs, and I refer to them as “The Job I Like” and “The Job I Hate”. The interesting part is that I hold the same position at each job, but they couldn’t be more different. Here are some examples of the differences. The Job […]

Entitlement, or, Service Workers are Not Your Personal Servants

Today’s writing is a little bit ranty, but I’m not going to apologize for it: Have you ever been rude to a server in a restaurant simply because you are having a bad day? How about this one: Have you ever been more than five or ten minutes late to an appointment without calling ahead […]

Roots of a Habit

In my past, I was often referred to as an “intense person”. I used to adopt a single-mindedness that allowed me to accomplish a lot in whatever I was focusing on at the time. Some would call this trait “stubbornness”, while others would refer to it as “determination”. I just think it’s me being who […]

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