Practice Makes Perfect

I used to write…a lot.

I love writing, and I used to be pretty good at it. Poetry, prose, fiction, opinion, whatever. It didn’t matter. Most of the writing I did was in personal journals and notebooks, but the point is…I wrote, and I enjoyed it

Somewhere along the line, I stopped. Writing got pushed to the back burner, along with other related pursuits, such as reading and concerted learning efforts.

I used to devour books at a rate of 4 or 5 per week. Fiction series, mythological texts, political treatises all held my interest at various points, and sometimes simultaneously.

Inspired by Mark Rosewater’s Drive to Work Podcast Episode #627: Empathy, specifically the portion where Mark talks about a college professor’s “secret to becoming a great writer”, I am going to make a concerted effort to implement that secret…I am going to plan to write a little something each and every day.

These writings may come in the form of poetry, opinion, etc., with no real cohesive running theme, but the idea is that I need to get back into the practice of writing, and this is the place I am going to implement this practice.

I fully expect my first steps (like this one) back into the writing waters to be clumsy and disjointed at first, at least until I redevelop a writing style/styles. That said, rather than put them into circulation in my more specific, self-hosted sites, this site will serve as my sandbox and my practice space.

In addition to using this space as a writing sandbox, I will also be using this site as a place to test out the basic tools in WordPress (as you can see from the embed of the podcast episode above). This is all new to me, as the last time I used this site with any regularity, the text editor was extremely basic.

Please, feel free to comment, critique, and discuss. This is the only way that I can learn to be a better writer and communicator, so let me know your thoughts.


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