Wake the Fuck Up

I understand why people voted for Obama over McCain. Really, I do. When we live in a society that is so devoid of free time (with kids, work, homes to take care of, etc.), we are forced to take information in the most quickly and easily digestible forms as possible. As such, this society believes that the choice is always between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. That’s what the Democrats and Republicans count on in order to maintain their stranglehold on power in the United States. Taken to hyperbole, it’s as if we are in a political form of The Matrix. Kept asleep in an effort to sap us of all out individuality while having us believe that each of us is his or her “own person”.Now, however, more and more people are starting to wake up to the types of manipulation that the two main political parties (as well has supercorporations and other interests) have been practicing on us, as well as the media’s (from all over the currently accepted political spectrum—yes ALL of them) complicity to the scam. Based on the rhetoric of both candidates, Obama was the lesser of two evils to most, and ended up being branded some sort of savior to others. That’s fine. The difference between now and then, however, is that we have his record to go by. On the other side, we have the blindingly bad rhetoric and bullshit from the GOP. Neither is the “lesser of two evils”. They are both equally bad, but in different terms (although, only in a rhetorical sense). Neither party is concerned with your health, well-being, or happiness. They are concerned with keeping power and their jobs. In order to do that, they have to continue the illusion of choice.No, those who vote for the two main parties aren’t stupid, “dumb” or otherwise. Those who vote for the two main parties are overstressed, lacking in time to actually do a detailed analysis of the candidates, and too fucking tired to discern past what is being spoonfed to them. This translates to gullibility. Wake up and stop voting for the least of evils, and start voting for the candidates that actually reflect your own values…and don’t let ANYONE feed you the bologna about “a third party vote is a wasted vote”. Every time someone believes that shit, Republocrats across the country smile just a little more broadly.Quit being gullible, and start being an intelligent and discerning individual who deserves the rights that our forefathers fought and died for. THEN, exercise one of those rights and vote—for the individual who most accurately reflects your own values. The time of the least of evils is over. We have played that game, and look where it has gotten us.


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