Change in the House of Flies

Those who know me personally know that I work 2 full-time jobs, and I refer to them as “The Job I Like” and “The Job I Hate”. The interesting part is that I hold the same position at each job, but they couldn’t be more different. Here are some examples of the differences. The Job […]

Entitlement, or, Service Workers are Not Your Personal Servants

Today’s writing is a little bit ranty, but I’m not going to apologize for it: Have you ever been rude to a server in a restaurant simply because you are having a bad day? How about this one: Have you ever been more than five or ten minutes late to an appointment without calling ahead […]

Roots of a Habit

In my past, I was often referred to as an “intense person”. I used to adopt a single-mindedness that allowed me to accomplish a lot in whatever I was focusing on at the time. Some would call this trait “stubbornness”, while others would refer to it as “determination”. I just think it’s me being who […]

Should’ve Been a Princess

Daddy’s Little Girl, the youngest of three, Not far removed from bouncing on his knee. Big brown eyes and a heartmelting smile, Everything was picture-perfect, at least for a while. Daddy’s girl grew up, a little too fast. She married young, and she knew it would last. Messy faces and laughter soon filled her world, […]

Practice Makes Perfect

I used to write…a lot. I love writing, and I used to be pretty good at it. Poetry, prose, fiction, opinion, whatever. It didn’t matter. Most of the writing I did was in personal journals and notebooks, but the point is…I wrote, and I enjoyed it Somewhere along the line, I stopped. Writing got pushed […]