Welcome to my little personal corner of the internet.

I have a real name, and many of you already know it, but I like my privacy. As such, I have been using the screen name “Arokk” since around 1994, and will do so on this blog.

I am a married father of 5 children. That role always comes first in my life.

Additionally, I am a staunch libertarian, with a strong Voluntaryist streak. While I find the notion of government to be repugnant and a generally illegitimate initiation of force, I find the notion of standing idly by and allowing the government to happen to me to be even more so…

I am obnoxious at times, but always opinionated. That said, I always start from a certain level of basic decency and politeness. My personal ideals require that I respect who you are (religion, race, gender identity, etc.), but don’t make the mistake of thinking that means I have to respect the things you do or say.

My religious beliefs aren’t yours. If you come at me with some sort of religious justification for general idiocy, hatred, racism, or prejudice…you’re going to have a bad time. As the kids say: Miss me with that shit.

I am a lover of hard rock, heavy metal, symphonic metal, some black metal, hair metal, some punk, and even some country sprinkled in.

I’m not big on most movies and never have been. That aspect of pop culture kind of missed me. I used to watch an inordinate amount of TV, but I have slowly been reducing the amount that I watch over the years, with my goal being to finish out all the shows I currently watch in addition to their spin-offs (I’m an obsessive completionist) and then stop watching serial television altogether.

I work in the medical field as my “day” job (actually, I have 2 full time jobs as of this writing, and they are both on the graveyard shift).

I enjoy geeky stuff like electronics, computers, the internet, video games, and all things Magic: the Gathering (I’m a Johnny/Vorthos, if you’re wondering. If you don’t know what that means, sorry.).