Should’ve Been a Princess

Daddy’s Little Girl, the youngest of three, Not far removed from bouncing on his knee. Big brown eyes and a heartmelting smile, Everything was picture-perfect, at least for a while. Daddy’s girl grew up, a little too fast. She married young, and she knew it would last. Messy faces and laughter soon filled her world, […]

Bitching at Myself

This lack of motivation is frustrating, adding to itself…vicious circles suck. I want to blog. I want to write. I want to create, express, and articulate. Oghma, help me… Mine are the Gods of warriors, not those of whiners. Woe isn’t me.

Conversation about Titanic (the Movie)

This conversation started out about my son and his newfound obsession with the Titanic. My buddy, Tom, asked me “The movie or the boat?”, I replied “The boat. I think he would find the movie to be boring”…and then the conversation took a turn for the worse… Tom: gee, i hope he would. its 3 hours […]

Holdover From Bush? Not Likely.

My response to a Democrat/very Pro-Obama friend in a discussion of Obama’s drug policies after she theorized that the crackdowns on medical marijuana facilities was “a holdover from Bush’s policies”. -Rusty Obama’s policy has been more harsh than Bush’s. Considering that the GOP looks at drug arrests in a manner akin to the way a […]

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