Conversation about Titanic (the Movie)

  1. This conversation started out about my son and his newfound obsession with the Titanic. My buddy, Tom, asked me “The movie or the boat?”, I replied “The boat. I think he would find the movie to be boring”…and then the conversation took a turn for the worse…
  2. Tom: gee, i hope he would. its 3 hours of nonstop snore fest
  3. it is awesome that he is intrigued about stuff like that.
  4. Me: and 3 seconds of Kate Winslet’s tit
  5. Tom: ya. and even if they cut the movie down to 5 minutes, its not worth the tits
  6. Me: that and watching Leonardo DiCaprio die are the only things worth watching the movie for.
  7. Tom: ya, but it is a slow boring cold death….
  8. i want to see him burn. Joan of Arc style
  9. Me: that would rock…or get slammed by the Hulk, like Loki
  10. Tom: Id pay full price to see that trailer of Hulk slam Leo… hahahaaa. that would be a blockbuster
  11. Me: the conversations we have sometimes…
  12. Tom: the tangents are the best parts of them

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